What are the Town’s Budget procedures?
The head of each administrative unit of the Town is required to file detailed estimates of revenues (other than real property taxes) and expenditures for the next fiscal year with the budget officer (Supervisor) on or before August 15th. Estimates for each fire district situated within the Town must also be filed with the budget officer by this date. After reviewing these estimates, the budget officer prepares a tentative budget which includes his recommendations. A budget message explaining the main features of the budget is also prepared at this time. The tentative budget is filed with the Town Clerk not later than the 30th of September. Subsequently, the Town Clerk presents the tentative budget to the Town Board at the regular or special hearing which must be held on or before October 5th. The Town Board reviews the tentative budget and makes such changes as it deems necessary and that are not inconsistent with the provisions of the law. Following this review process, the tentative budget and such modifications, if any, as approved by the Board become the preliminary budget. A public hearing, notice of which must be duly published in the Town's official newspaper, on the preliminary budget is generally required to be held on the Thursday immediately following the general election. At such hearing, any person may express his opinion concerning the preliminary budget; however, there is no requirement or provision that the preliminary budget or any portion thereof be voted on by members of the public. After the public hearing, the Town Board may further change and revise the preliminary budget. The Town Board, by resolution, adopts the preliminary budget as submitted or amended no later than November 20th, at which time, the preliminary budget becomes the annual budget of the Town for the ensuing fiscal year. Budgetary control during the year is the responsibility of the Supervisor who is assisted in this area by the Town Comptroller. However, any changes or modifications to the annual budget including the transfer of appropriations among line items almost always must be approved by resolution of the Town Board.

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