What is the general process of filling an employment position?
1. The Department Head asks the Town Board if the Department can proceed with filling a position. Once permission is granted, the Department Head notifies the Accounting Dept. that a position needs to be filled.

2. The Accounting Department determines if a position is available. If a position is available, go to step #7. If a position is not available, the Department Head prepares a draft description of duties, responsibilities and minimum qualifications and submits same to the Accounting Dept.

3. From the draft description of duties, responsibilities and minimum qualifications prepared by the Department Head, the Accounting Dept. prepares a Duties Statement for the position and indicates the number of positions requested. After the Supervisor signs the Duties Statement, it is then submitted to the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service for classification (e.g., Competitive, Non-Competitive, Exempt or Labor), appropriate title verification or revision.

4. The Department of Civil Service returns the Duties Statement to the Accounting Department with the title indicated, the classification and the Duties Statement number.

5. If this is not a new title, go to step #7. If classified as a new title, the Supervisor notifies the CSEA President of the Town’s intent to create a new position and rate. The CSEA is given fifteen (15) days to meet with the Supervisor to discuss the new title and provide input on the salary rate for same.

6. The Town Board considers the input provided by the CSEA for the salary, then creates the position and sets the salary of same by resolution.

7. For positions classified as Competitive and full-time, the Accounting Dept. requests a “List of Eligible's” from the Department of Civil Service. For positions classified as Non-Competitive, Exempt or Labor, or for part-time or seasonal positions, a newspaper ad may be placed, but the Town Board must approve placement of the ad by resolution before the ad is placed.

8. Upon receipt of the “List of Eligible's” or after the due date for applications, the Accounting Dept. coordinates a date and time for interviews with the Department Head and Town Board members and secures the Conference Room for that date/time. The Accounting Dept. then canvasses the list, posts the position, maintains a list of responses and schedules interviews with prospective candidates.

9. The Department Head conducts the interviews along with those Town Board members wishing to participate.

10. Upon completion of interviews, the Department Head sends a written recommendation, utilizing a specific form, to the Accounting Department. The Accounting Dept. prepares a resolution for consideration to the Town Board. If it is learned during the interview process that there are less than three willing candidates for the position, the Department Head must go back to the Town Board and seek permission to make a provisional appointment. If permission is granted, return to step 8 for Accounting Department action, including returning the list, seeking permission from Civil Service for a provisional appointment, posting the opening and scheduling interviews.

11. The morning after the Town Board meeting, the Town Clerk’s Office notifies the Accounting Department of all Board approvals and subsequently forwards appropriate approved resolutions to the Accounting Department.

12. The Accounting Department then notifies the Department Head of any Board decisions pertaining to his department regarding personnel confirming the start date, position title and salary. In turn, the Department Head notifies the new employee of the Board’s action. The Accounting Department then sends a follow-up letter to the new employee with a packet of paperwork to be completed and sends letters of regret (to those who interviewed for the position but were not hired.)

Once an individual is Board approved for a position with the Town and all required paperwork is received by the Accounting Department, said employee’s information is entered in the computer system for payroll processing.

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