What can you expect at a shelter?

Shelters provide a refuge of last resort.  There will be very little privacy and conditions might be crowded. The Town of Southold does not provide food or water, so food will be very scarce. Depending on the shelter there may not be showers or bedding available. Based on this prepare accordingly by bringing your own supplies which includes your emergency supplies kit.

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1. What is the Office Emergency Management (OEM) responsible for?
2. How do I get information from the Town during a disaster?
3. What type supplies should I keep on hand for emergency situations?
4. What does shelter-in-place mean?
5. How do I find the nearest shelter?
6. What can you expect at a shelter?
7. How do I help a family member, friend or neighbor who needs special assistance?
8. What does evacuation mean?
9. What if I'm told to evacuate?
10. What does a state of emergency mean?
11. Where is Southold's Emergency Management Office located?
12. Is Emergency Management the same as 911?