Building Department


  • Southold Town’s Building Inspectors are qualified with experience in building construction, fire prevention and code enforcement and regularly participate in continuing education and training classes as required by the State of New York.  Building Inspectors are certified by the State Fire Administrator pursuant to New York Executive Law.  
  • The Building Department administers and enforces all provisions of the Uniform Code and Energy Code and regulations applicable to the construction, alteration, addition, repair, removal and demolition of buildings and structures, and the installation and use of materials and equipment for that purpose.
  • The Building Department receives, reviews and approves/disapproves applications, issues permits and performs inspections to ensure compliance with the Uniform Code, Energy Code and other laws, ordinances and regulations governing building construction.
  • The Building Department conducts inspections necessary for the issuance of certificates of occupancy, fire safety and property maintenance, and incidental to the investigation of complaints.  These include inspections to maintain updated, accurate records, to carry out the duties of the office, to issue stop-work orders, to pursue legal actions as required to enforce the Uniform Code, Energy Code, and the Town Code.
  • The Building Department issues appropriate notices/orders to remove illegal or unsafe conditions from a premise and in cases of imminent danger to human life, health or property, may promptly cause a building, structure, or portions thereof to be made safe or removed.
  • The Building Department may require the performance of tests in the field by experienced professionals or accredited and authoritative testing laboratories or service bureaus or agencies.
  • The Building Department is responsible for maintaining permanent, official records and for the collection of fees for all transactions completed by the Department.