Planning Department

Site Plan Application Forms & Information

  • Guidelines for Good Exterior Lighting Plans
  • Wireless Facilities Site Plan Application Requirements
  • Wireless Facilities Special Exception Application Form
  • Wireless Facilities Special Exception Requirements

  • Subdivision Forms & Information

  • Step 1 Subdivision - Subdivision Application Packet * see SEQRA Forms note below
  • Step 2 Subdivision - Preliminary Plat Application
  • Step 3 Subdivision - Final Plat Application
  • Re-Subdivision (Lot Line Modification) Application Packet * see SEQRA Forms note below

  • *SEQRA Forms (State Environmental Quality Review Act)

    These EAF forms can now be filled out on the computer before printing.

    The DEC website also has an interactive map with place-based information that can partially fill in parts of the EAF automatically. It is called EAF Mapper Application. The EAF Mapping tool is an Internet-based Geographic Information System (GIS) specifically designed to facilitate answering the geographic or place-based questions on both the Short and Long EAFs. The application will provide its results directly in Part 1 of an electronically fillable SEAF or FEAF form with place-based questions already filled out. If you are using the EAF Mapper, before filling out the EAF manually, start with the EAF Mapper and wait for the program to automatically fill in various answers on the EAF, then save the document to your computer and continue completing the form from there. If you start to fill in a PDF before running the EAF Mapper, any information entered will be lost when the program applies its GIS data.