Shelter Locations

Primary General Population

 Peconic Community Center1170 Peconic Lane, Peconic (Map)
Oysterponds School - 23405 Main Rd, Orient (Map)

Greenport School - 720 Front St, Greenport (Map)

Fishers Island School - Greenwood St., FI (Map)

Secondary General Population

(The Southold OEM will open the secondary shelters if the magnitude of the event and or intensity of the storm require it. Notifications will be on the town website and local media.) 

 Southold School - 420 Oaklawn Av, Southold (Map)

 Mattituck High School - 15125 Main Rd, Mattituck (Map)

  Schools were chosen as disaster shelter sites for several reasons. Schools are built to a stronger seismic code than most buildings, have gyms or other areas for sleeping, feature kitchen and rest room facilities for large numbers of people, and in some cases have generators.

Special Needs Individuals - Non-Medical

Human Resource Center - 750 Pacific St, Mattituck (Map)

Suffolk County Emergency Preparedness Registry and (Smart 911)

The Smart911 program provides residents with the ability to enhance the response of Emergency Responders, while assisting Suffolk County to better prepare for the community’s needs during an evacuation or disaster situation. 

The information that you provide in your safety profile will also be used to identify the resources necessary to accommodate vulnerable individuals and their caregivers. 


Emergency Shelter Signs

Emergency shelter signs will be posted at Southold's emergency shelters.

Shelter Sign Web1