Police Advisory Committee


Member (Appointed, 7 members, 3 year term) Term Expires
William Ryan March 31, 2024
John Slattery
March 31, 2024
Kevin Foote
March 31, 2025
George Lessler  Match 31, 2023
James Abbott March 31, 2024
Michael Regan March 31, 2025 
Christopher W. North  March 31, 2024 
Supervisor Scott Russell and Councilman Brian O. Mealy, Town Board Liaisons

Members are appointed for a 3-year term and receive no compensation. All questions and inquiries should be directed to the Town Board. The committee is only advisory to the Town Board and does not accept, nor review, citizen complaints.


The committee was formed by a Town Board Resolution on January 3, 2002 with the following charge:
  • To analyze police data, staffing and equipment needs, and budgets
  • To report to the supervisor and Town Board at least once every four weeks on its findings
  • To recommend to the Town Board practical management options that, while retaining the effectiveness of the department, would:
    • Significantly reduce its cost
    • Increase its accountability to the public and the supervisor and Town Board

    Meeting agendas and minutes can be obtained using our document management portal in a folder called committees.

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