Transportation Commission


Member Term Expires
James Kalin, Vice-Chairman
March 31, 2022
Nicholas Mazzaferro
March 31, 2022
James Baker III March 31, 2022
Mary Bess Phillips, Village of Greenport

Frank Field March 31, 2021
Charles Gueli, Co-Chairmen  
Mary Miranda (Randy) Wade, Co-Chairmen  March 31, 2024
Chief Martin Flatley
Vincent Orlando, Superintendent of Highways
Heather Lanza, Planning Department Representative
Councilwoman Sarah Nappa, Town Board Liaison

Mission Statement

The Transportation Commission assists Southold Town and its residents in finding solutions to increase transportation efficiency and create attractive alternatives to individual automobile travel while preserving the scenic and historic attributes of the town, state, county, and local roadways.

Meeting agendas and minutes can be obtained using our document management porthole in a folder called committees.

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