2005 Southold Hamlet Studies

Committee Recommendations

The following recommendations by each Hamlet Stakeholder Committee represent only part of the complete study. The full version also contains maps delineating the hamlet centers and HALO zones, an explanation of the planning principles that were employed by the Hamlet Stakeholder Committees during the evaluation process, and extensive statistics, charts and inventories specific to each of the hamlets, prepared by Cleary Consultants. Printed copies are available in all local libraries and at the Town Clerk’s Office in Southold Town Hall:

Please Note: The 2005 Hamlet Study is now looked at as a “starting point” for the large Hamlet Stakeholder process that has continued to the present day, after the Stakeholder groups were reconvened by Supervisor Scott Russell in 2007. The main element missing from the 2005 effort was public input. During 2007, the Hamlet Stakeholder Groups re-evaluated and prioritized the original recommendations with public input.