Detective Division


The personnel of the Detective Division are tasked with responsibility for investigations ranging from misdemeanor crimes to serious felonies. Casework is generated by a combination of response to assist patrol officers, self generated investigations, and referrals from other agencies. Detectives also work closely with other law enforcement agencies including the Suffolk County Police Department, surrounding local police departments, and the various county, state, and federal agencies.

If you have questions, contact Detective Sergeant Steve Harned.

Southold Police Department Patch

Organization & Training

The Detective Division is comprised of one detective sergeant and three detectives that collectively perform investigative functions across a wide range of police related matters. Detectives complete extensive specialized training that assists them in evidence identification and seizure, crime scene search techniques, fingerprint collection, crime scene photography, and interview techniques. Detectives gather information looking toward the solvability of casework, applications for arrest and search warrants, and referrals to other agencies.

Fugitives & Drugs

The Southold Police Department is committed to aggressive investigation and prosecution cases involving the sale and use of illegal drugs. The department participates in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office East End Drug Task Force with one officer assigned to this initiative who works closely with the Detective Division to coordinate narcotics investigations emanating from our jurisdiction.

The Southold Police Department also contributes to the United States Marshall’s Regional Fugitive Task Force program and has one detective assigned to the task force in a part-time capacity to assist in the investigation and apprehension of violent and dangerous fugitives.