Deer Management Task Force


Member (Established 9/22/09)
Term Expires
Supervisor Scott Russell  
John Haas March 31, 2021
John Rasweiler March 31, 2021
Adam West March 31, 2021
David Dominy - Co-chair
March 31, 2021
James McMahon March 31, 2021
John Wittenberg March 31, 2021
Craig Jobes March 31, 2021
Jeff Standish  March 31, 2021
Councilwoman Sarah Nappa Town Board Liaison
Nancy Foote, Secretary

Mission Statement

The Town Board created the Deer Management Taskforce on September 09, 2009 to address the serious health and economic consequences of an unchecked deer population. The committee meets ad hoc to implement programs and services, educate the community on deer-related issues through workshops, forums and written publications. The taskforce also works in conjunction with county and state agencies to co-sponsor programs.

Additional Information and Survey

Meeting agendas and minutes can be obtained using our document management portal in a folder called committees.

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