Architectural Review Board


This committee has nine members (two architects or landscape architects; one representative from the Historic Preservation Commission; the remaining members appointed from the town at large; in addition one liaison from Fishers Island to assist with Fishers Island applications).

Architect / Historic Preservation Representatives Term Expires
Elizabeth Thompson March 31, 2025
Anne Surchin, Historic Preservation Representative March 31, 2025

Fishers Island Liaison Term Expires
Reynolds duPont Jr. March 31, 2023

Members Term Expires
Ronald McGreevy March 31, 2024
Umberto C. Fasolino  March 31, 2024 
Frank Buonaiuto   March 31, 2026 
Jim Fredricksson  March 31, 2026 
Meryl Kramer  March 31, 2026 
To be determined -  Town Board Liaison
Elizabeth Cantrell, Secretary


When the Planning Board determines said application to be acceptable, it shall, within 10 business days of such determination, distribute said application and documentation to the town, county, and state agencies having jurisdiction, for their comment. Such referral shall include a referral to the Architectural Review Committee.

All applicants will give a presentation consisting of drawings, exterior materials samples and other information required by the Planning Department to the committee. The committee will ask questions and make suggestions as part of a general discussion with each applicant. Final recommendations from the ARC will be presented to the Planning Board in the ARC meeting minutes, and be made part of the planning file for that application. The Planning Board will consider these recommendations, together with all comments from other agencies, and provide the applicant with a comprehensive written list of its requested revisions.


Meeting agendas and minutes can be obtained using our document management portal in a folder called committees.

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