Changing the Zoning Designation



A Local Law entitled, A Local Law to Amend the Zoning Map of the Town of Southold by 

Changing the Zoning Designation of the property of Harold R. Reeve & Sons, Inc. identified as 

corner of County Road 48, Maiden Lane and Wickham Avenue, Mattituck, New York SCTM#1000-140-1-6, from  B (General Business) & R-40 (Residential) to LB (Limited Business & R-40 (Residential)  has been ENACTED by the Town Board of the Town of Southold on April 9, 2019  subject to receipt of  approved Covenants and Restrictions filed in the Suffolk County Clerk Office. The Official Copy of the Suffolk County Clerk’s filing of the approved Covenants and Restrictions were received and filed in the Southold Town Clerk’s Office on January 28, 2020.

Section 1. Purpose.  

The purpose of this Local Law is to amend the Zoning Map to change the zoning on the parcel known as SCTM#1000-140-1-6, from  B (General Business) & R-40 (Residential) to LB (Limited Business) & R-40 (Residential).

Section 2. Code Amendment.

Based on the goals of the town, and upon our consideration of the application and of the recommendations of the Town Planning Board, the Suffolk County Planning Commission, and the public comments taken at the public hearing and otherwise, we hereby AMEND the Official Zoning Map of the Town of Southold as adopted by Section 100-21 of the Town Code  to change parcel SCTM# 1000-140-1-6, from  B (General Business) & R-40 (Residential) to LB (Limited Business) & R-40 (Residential)  The property is located at 1605 Wickham Avenue, Mattituck, New York.

Section 3. Severability

If any clause, sentence, paragraph, section, or part of this Local Law shall be adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the judgement shall not affect the validity of this law as a whole or any part thereof other than the part so decided to be unconstitutional or invalid.

Section 4.  Effective Date

A complete copy of the summarized local law above shall be available for public inspection during normal business hours at the Office of the Town Clerk, Town of Southold, New York.

This Local Law shall take effect immediately upon filing with the Secretary of State as provided by law.

Dated:   January 28, 2020                   

BY ORDER OF THE TOWN BOARD  OF THE TOWN OF SOUTHOLD  Elizabeth A. Neville, Southold Town Clerk