Waste Management

As a “Special District” designated by the New York State Legislature in 1993, the Southold Town Solid Waste Management District is responsible for ensuring the proper management of solid waste (i.e., residential and commercial waste and recyclables) generated within the Town of Southold.

Mission Statement

The Southold Town Solid Waste District is committed to ensuring that the Town’s solid waste and recyclables are managed in an efficient and environmentally sound manner based on the principles of maximizing waste reduction and recycling in accordance with State guidelines, while providing residents of the Town maximum choice in how to achieve these goals on a personal level.


The Town of Southold maintains a transfer station to accept household and commercial garbage and recyclables, along with a yard waste compost facility that accepts leaves and brush for disposal.

The compost facility also produces compost and woodchip mulch for public use. Open seven days a week, both facilities are operated by the Southold Town Solid Waste Management District (SWMD, or “District”). They are located adjacent to the old town landfill (which is now capped and closed) on Cox Lane in Cutchogue, north of Route 48 (the North Road).

No Curbside Pick-Up

The town does not provide curbside pick-up of trash. Residents either bring their own waste and recyclables to the transfer station themselves (“self-haulers”), or hire a private carter for curbside pick-up. This system limits the tax burden on residents and allows people to determine for themselves how best to handle their waste.