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A message from the Town Supervisor, Scott Russell

As I am sure you are aware, hurricane season will soon be upon us. As Southold Town Supervisor, I also serve as your Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. As such, I am introducing the updated Town’s Emergency Preparedness Plan. Part of the plan incorporates a new component which provides an overview for individuals with special evacuation needs and an application for evacuation assistance. The information you provide on the application is confidential, it will be entered in a secure database for use by emergency management personnel, and should the need arise it will be used to contact you in the event of a local emergency. 

The goal of this special needs component is to identify our more vulnerable residents in advance thus enabling us to be prepared for immediate and appropriate evacuation. Keep in mind that this application is for those individuals with special evacuation needs only and not for the general population or for residents of a medial or an extended care facility. Town residents not requiring special evacuation needs will be directed to general population shelters in their area. 

It is my feeling that government has a shared responsibility with its constituents to plan and to manage its emergency resources so that we all can best respond to any emergency. I encourage all Town residents to take personal responsibility for their own preparedness when an emergency situation is imminent. Please take all the necessary steps and precautions to ensure that you, your family and your neighbors are prepared. 

This Special Needs component I am introducing is only one critical part of the Town’s Emergency Response Plan. As your Supervisor and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator I am committed to keeping you informed and prepared in the event that an emergency situation unfolds. 

Mission Statement

Southold Town's Office of Emergency Management's mission is to develop, coordinate, and lead the town emergency management program, enabling effective preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters in order to save lives, reduce human suffering and minimize property loss.

Legal Disclaimer 

While it is the goal of the Town of Southold to serve its special needs residents in the event of an emergency, the Town makes no guarantee or warranty that such services will be provided. Nothing contained in this form is intended to or should be construed as creating any obligation or duty on the part of the Town to provide any special or additional services to those individuals providing the information requested herein, or to the public generally.