What happens after I submit my completed application to the ZBA?
Once an application is deemed complete by the office staff, it is scheduled for a public hearing, usually within four to six weeks from the completed filing. The ZBA office will contact you to confirm the date and time of your public hearing which will take place in the Meeting Hall of Southold Town Hall located at 53095 Main Road in Southold. Once calendared, our Department will provide further instructions and a copy of the official legal notice which we will publish in the local newspaper, a yellow sign for you to post on your property notifying the public of the date and time of your hearing, and an area map showing the surrounding lots near your property that will require a certified mail notice from you with a cover letter. Prior to the public hearing each Board of Appeals member will receive and review a copy of your application and will make a personal inspection of your property. If an interior inspection is required, our office will call to arrange a convenient time. During the hearing, you or your agent will be asked to present your case to the Board and answer Board members’ questions. You will also be given a chance to address any testimony or letters from objecting neighbors.

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2. What happens after I submit my completed application to the ZBA?
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