Records Advisory Board


Member (Appointed - no term)
Town Clerk Denis Noncarrow
Town Historian Amy Folk
DPW Tim Abrams
Town Attorney, Legal Counsel
To be announced, Town Board Member

Mission Statement

The Records Advisory Committee was created to identify and prioritize records management problems, research and implement solutions to records management problems and assist in the development of records management policies and procedures and propose improvements when needed. In addition, the committee promotes the program to the governing board and the public, seeking financial assistance when necessary.

The Records Advisory Board was created under Chapter 72 of the Code of the Town of Southold by enactment of Local Law No. 16 – 1993 entitled, “A Local Law Providing for the Creation of a Records Management Program’” adopted on August 10, 1993. It has since been codified and is now Chapter 59, Article II. Section 59.15 provides for the Records Advisory Board designated to work closely with and provide advice to the records management officer. The Board shall consist of the Town Historian, a member of the Town Board selected by the Supervisor, the Town Comptroller, and a department head. The Board shall meet periodically and have the following duties:

A. To provide advice to the Records Management Officer on the development of the records management program.

B. To review the performance of the program on an ongoing basis and propose changes and improvements.

C. To review retention periods proposed by the records management officer for records not covered by the state archive schedules.

D. To provide advice on the appraisal of records for archival value and to be the final sign-off entity as to what is or is not archival.

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