No-Discharge Zone

The Long Island Sound and the Peconic Estuary are Designated No-Discharge Zones. 

Interactive EPA No-Discharge Zone Map

Honoring no-discharge zones in our sensitive waterways by use of a pump-out boat for all human waste is not just the law, it is also important for the preservation and sustainability of our delicate ecosystems. Estuaries serve as vital habitats for numerous species, maintaining biodiversity and supporting the life cycles of various marine organisms. Human waste from boat discharge introduces harmful pathogens and nutrients that can significantly disrupt the ecological balance of these sensitive environments. By adhering to the no-discharge laws and employing pump-out boats, we not only protect water quality but also mitigate the risks of nutrient pollution, harmful algal blooms, and the degradation of essential habitats. This lawful and conscientious approach reflects a commitment to responsible stewardship, ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty and ecological richness of these nationally recognized estuaries. 

Town pump out boat offers a free service which is available weekends between Memorial Day and September 30. It can be contacted on VHF Channel 73.

Use them! We want to protect the life of our bay, and pumping raw sewage into the bay causes pollution, algae blooms, possible diseases for shellfish areas, and can close areas for swimming.

The following pump-outs are located in the Town of Southold:

  • Port of Egypt Marina, Southold
  • Brick Cove Marina
  • Strong's Marina, Mattituck (Bayside)
  • Port of Egypt Marina, Southold

The costs for pumping out your boat varies by location.