Tree Committee


Term Expires
David Gamberg March 31, 2025
Peggy Murphy March 31, 2025
Donald Grim March 31, 2025
Gerard Orientale, Chairman
March 31, 2023
Derek Bossen March 31, 2023
David Cichanowicz March 31, 2024
Jay L. Jansen, Jr. March 31, 2024
Frank Imbriano March 31, 2024
Curtis Rand  March 31, 2023
Erick Haas, Department of Public Works
Daniel Goodwin, Superintendent of Highways

Diane DiSalvo , Secretary
Councilwoman Jill Doherty, Town Board Liaison


Established in 1978, the Southold Tree Committee promotes and manages healthy, safe and effective trees along streets and on public grounds to preserve and enhance the beauty of the environment for the benefit of its citizens and future generations. The Committee also works within the community to increase awareness of the importance of trees and their care. The Tree Committee accepts request for new street tree plantings as well as the removal of trees. They do not require donations but do rely on contributions from residents and businesses.

Memorial Tree Program Brochure

Meeting agendas and minutes can be obtained using our document management portal in a folder called committees.

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