Yard Waste Disposal


The compost site is open both to self-haulers and commercial landscapers and is for leaves and brush only! Please note the following definitions:

  • LEAVES MEANS LEAVES, i.e., raked up after falling off the trees.
  • Brush means branches, twigs, woody stemmed plants, tree limbs, tree trunks, and stumps (free of dirt).

Leaves and Brush must pass over the scales and may be delivered in one of three ways:

  1. In special, bio-degradable leaf bags (available in most grocery, hardware, and home supply stores).
  2. Loose in the vehicle.
  3. Least preferred, leaves may also be delivered in plastic bags, but these bags must be emptied before the leaves are dumped. Leaves and Brush must pass over the scales, where a fee is charged by weight.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

The waste district maintains a zero-tolerance policy with regard to plastic, litter or other non-yard waste debris being dumped at the compost site. Loads found to contain non-acceptable debris will be charged at the full rubbish rate. Cameras record all scale house transactions.