Compost Site

Compost Site / Free Compost

Southold’s compost site is a 17-acre facility constructed adjacent to the transfer station property and the now-closed landfill. It is for Yard Waste ONLY. It is the second largest municipal yard waste compost facility on Long Island (Islip). The compost site is open both to self-haulers and commercial landscapers and is for leaves and brush only!

The facility processes the leaves into high quality, organic compost which is suitable for mixing with soil for direct application around plant root systems or with soil prepared for plant and vegetable seed growth. The brush and tree debris is processed into woodchip mulch and is popular for decorative and weed-restricting ground cover around gardens and plants. Because the mulch is still breaking down (i.e., not a finished compost), it is not a suitable growth medium and should not be used for direct planting in contact with root systems.

The compost and mulch products are available for sale by weight and volume (go to compost fees for details).

Free Compost

Town residents are allowed 500 pound per year of compost and /or woodchips free of charge. Proof of residency may be required. (Residents who do NOT have vehicle permits may still receive their free compost).