Housing Advisory Commission


MemberTerm Expires
Patricia LutzkyMarch 31, 2028
Eric DantesMarch 31, 2028
Mark Levine March 31, 2024
Nancy Messer March 31, 2024
Cheryle Amara March 31, 2024 
Marilyn SierraMarch 31, 2024
Ann SmithMarch 31, 2024
Councilwoman Jill Doherty, Town Board Liaison

Valerie DeFio, Secretary


In May 2004 the Town Board enacted legislation to create the Town of Southold Housing Fund. The purpose of the fund is provide the town with a mechanism to obtain funding and create programs that will increase housing opportunities for families and individuals who are residents of the Town and/or employed in the Town who are in need of affordable housing.

This legislation formally established a Housing Advisory Commission (HAC) to review and make recommendations regarding the Town of Southold Housing Fund. The commission reflects a diverse membership with individuals from various geographic locations. In addition, membership includes a broad representation from the community such as landowners, persons with skill and knowledge about the environment, real estate, banking, building, and farming. The commission also seek members who were / are recipients of housing assistance.

The Southold Town Housing Advisory Committee keeps a current registry of residents who would like to be informed when there any affordable housing becomes available. Individuals who would like to be on that registry can find information on our website.

Responsibilities of the Housing Advisory Commission

The commission meets once a month. The primary function of the commission is to:

  1. Work with the town in an advisory capacity to ensure that an efficient, cost effective and expedient production of affordable housing is created and maintained.
  2. Serve as a liaison for community members within their respective hamlets / villages regarding affordable housing
  3. Identify appropriate sites for the development of affordable housing within respective hamlets/villages.
  4. Approve capital improvement requests from residents living in housing units
  5. Make recommendations to the Town Board relating to affordable housing

Community Preservation Fund First-time Homebuyer Tax Exemption:

Effective September 23, 2014, certain first-time homebuyers within the Town of Southold are eligible to receive an exemption from the Community Preservation Transfer Tax, provided the purchase price of the home is no greater than $471,824.00, the home is the buyer’s primary residence and the total household income does not exceed $127,440.00. The application and further information are available under “forms.” 

Meeting agendas and minutes can be obtained using our document management porthole in a folder called committees. -


Contact Us

  1. Southold Town Hall

    53095 Main Rd.

    P.O. Box 1179

    Southold, NY 11971



    Monday - Friday

    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Additional Resources

    North Fork Housing Alliance - Ph: (631) 477-1070

    Peconic Community Council (Homelessness) - Ph: (631) 727-6831

    The Retreat (Domestic Violence) - Ph: (631) 329-2200

    Suffolk County Dept. of Social Services - Ph: (631) 548-3600