Housing Department

Housing Department

The Town of Southold addresses the housing needs of its residents through its Housing Registry that collects information from housing applications and serves as a waiting list to document housing needs. There are two forms, one general and one for age-restricted (household members 55+ years of age.) The town works with the North Fork Housing Alliance for low income households seeking rental assistance through the Section 8 program and applications and information can be obtained directly from them.

Housing Advisory Commission (HAC)

In May 2004 the Town Board enacted legislation to create the Town of Southold Housing Fund. The purpose of the fund was to provide the Town with a mechanism to obtain funding and create programs that will increase affordable housing opportunities for families and individuals who are residents of the Town. Funds were anticipated from developers who elected not to build affordable units. This legislation formally established a Housing Advisory Commission (HAC) to review and make suggestion regarding the Town of Southold Housing Fund.

In addition, the HAC approve capital improvement requests from residents living in affordable housing units as well as arbitrate matters of disagreements between owners of accessory apartments and renters.

Community Preservation Fund First-time Homebuyer Tax Exemption:

Effective September 23, 2014, certain first-time homebuyers within the Town of Southold are eligible to receive an exemption from the Community Preservation Transfer Tax, provided the purchase price of the home is no greater than $367,140.00, the home is the buyer’s primary residence and the total household income does not exceed $126,120.00. The application and further information are available under “forms.” If you have any questions, contact us at #631-765-5806.

Housing Advisory Commission Membership

  • Frederick Andrews 2015
  • Eric Dantes 2015
  • Michael Herbert 2016
  • LeRoy Heyliger 2016
  • Jeanne Kelley 2016
  • Beth Motschenbacher 2015
  • Daniel Sarnowski 2016
  • Rona Smith 2015
  • John Vahey 2015
  • William Dougherty 2015