Public hearing upon the Coastal Erosion Hazard



RESOLVED the Town Board of the Town of Southold hereby sets Tuesday, September 21, 

2021 at 9:01 AM. at the Southold Town Meeting Hall, 53095 Main Road, Southold, New 

York as the time and place for a public hearing upon the Coastal Erosion Hazard Board of 

Review Appeal of Farther Out East LLC (c/o Thomas & Maureen Dowling) which seeks 

relief from Chapter 111, Section 111-12D to authorize the removal of an existing propane tank 

on the western side of the existing dwelling, remove existing hot tub, remove ± 132.0 ft.² of 

existing seaward deck and reconstruct seaward deck with steps (minus balcony)for a total of 501 

ft.²  in-kind and in place, reconstruct/expand existing seaward balcony (inclusive of existing 

balcony area)for a total of 104 ft.², remove existing cellar entrance, abandon and remove existing 

sanitary system in accordance with S. C. D. H. S. Standards, remove existing shed from 

landward side of existing dwelling, remove existing chimney from eastern side of the existing 

dwelling, and to remove 358 ft. ² of existing northeasterly deck, on existing 1,092 square foot 

dwelling, construct a 58 square-foot addition onto northeastern corner, construct a 20 square foot 

pergola with counter under against the seaward side of the dwelling, construct 67 ft. ² porch 

along the northerly portion of the dwelling, construct a 381.25 screen porch along the easterly 

side of the dwelling, install a new propane tank along the westerly portion of the property, 

construct a new 50 square foot basement entry along the westerly side of the dwelling, install 

new IA/OWTS septic system landward of the dwelling, construct a 2.5 foot high (maximum 

height) by 97.5 foot long retaining wall along the northeast corner of the property, and as 

depicted on the survey prepared by Gary Benz, L. S. Received on February 12, 2021, within a 

near shore area in a Coastal Erosion Hazard Area located on property on parcel SCTM # 

1000-31-18-18, 860 Rabbit Lane, East Marion, New York, and directs the Town Clerk to publish 

notice of such appeal in the Suffolk Times newspaper not less than ten (10) days nor more than 

thirty (30) days prior to such hearing and to notify the applicant by first class mail.

Dated: August 24, 2021


Elizabeth A. Neville, Town Clerk