Mission Statement & Objectives

Mission Statement

This is to certify that the following resolution No. 2006-286 was adopted at the regular meeting of the Southold Town Board on March 14, 2006.

Resolved, that the Town Board of Southold hereby adopts the following mission statement of the Conservation Advisory Committee to update the mission statement adopted on May 6, 1969:

  1. Receive formal directions from the Town Board as to its priorities in the promotion and development of the Town’s natural resources.
  2. Review and assess the Town’s natural resources and land, and index the results (by villages and hamlets) in a manner, possibly a grid system, that will allow instant comprehension of the impact of permitting decisions with particular attention to wetlands and storm water run-off.
  3. Publish maps that highlight these resources, their present and planned use, their significance relative to the environment and their needs for protection, improvement or better utilization.
  4. Submit reports to the Town Board periodically as to activities of the CAC, the condition of the Town’s resource, highlight any changes - improvements or degradation (including actions taken outside of these areas which have effected their status, i.e.: Development of upland areas, woodlots - old growth and young, and paving outside of the wetlands with associated run-off and ground water impact.) This will allow the Town Board to monitor the wetlands’ condition and status through the CAC to ensure that the codes are being carried out in both letter and spirit.
  5. Analyze and report to the Town Board the number, location and impact of approved development permits.
  6. Assist the Town Board by reporting on the efforts of all non-official groups that are endeavoring to support the Town’s conservation program.
  7. Continue to inspect properties where a wetlands permit is requested, comment on conservation concerns and make recommendations to the Trustees to supplement their decisions.
  8. Review the new mooring codes and propose methods for management and enforcement.