Town Yellow Bags

The town uses a volume-based pricing system for everyday household garbage. Known as pay-as-you-throw (PAYT), this program requires use of designated town garbage bags - yellow in color and with the town imprint - which come in three sizes and are priced to cover the cost of handling the garbage (see bag prices and chart below).

The yellow bags are intended only for everyday trash, kitchen garbage mostly. (Bulky, hard to bag items - rubbish - is also be accepted at the transfer station, but must be weighed at the station’s vehicle scales before being disposed.) Municipal recyclables (cans, glass bottles, plastic containers, news and mixed paper, and corrugated cardboard) are free, and should not be put in the town bags.

The town garbage bag program is a user fee, much like that charged for other utility services. Those who generate the most trash pay the most. Those who generate less, pay less. In addition to promoting increased recycling, for which there is never a charge, the program keeps the cost of disposal off of property tax assessments.

The Bags are priced as follows and are available at the vendors listed below:

Small (13-Gallon)$0.75 each sold in packs of 4
Medium (33-Gallon)$1.50 each sold in packs of 4
Large (44-Gallon)$2.25 each sold in packs of 4 



  • Cutchogue 7-11
  • Cutchogue Pharmacy
  • King Kullen
  • Valero


  • Colonial Drugs
  • Greenport 7-11
  • Greenport IGA
  • Greenport MIni-Stop
  • Layyah
  • Mr. Robert's
  • Patriot Gas Station
  • Riverhead Building Supply


  • BP Gas Station
  • Handy Pantry
  • Orlowski Hardware
  • Mattituck Marketplace


  • Agway
  • Polywoda Beverage
  • Southold Ace Hardware
  • Southold IGA
  • Southold Pharmacy
  • Southold Town Clerk's Office

East Marion

  • Fork and Anchor


  • BP Gas Station


  • Country Store

Tip Fees

Residential trash that cannot be bagged (i.e., the bulky rubbish items mentioned above), all commercial garbage, all construction and demolition debris (C&D), and brush that are delivered to the transfer station and compost site are charged a tip fee at the vehicle scales, based on the weight of the debris delivered. Tip fees vary according to the type of debris. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check or credit card. Commercial users whose business is based in Southold Town may open a charge account with the district and can be billed monthly for charges accrued. See Tips Fees Schedule below.

Permit / Single Entry Fees

Vehicle permits are available to all users for entry to the waste facilities. The Waste District issues the following types of permits:

Non-Commercial Permits

1) For Southold Town Residents. Resident permits cost $30, are valid for two calendar years and ARE ISSUED IN EVEN-NUMBER YEARS. For example, the permits sold in 2018 are valid for 2018 AND 2019. The next 2-year permits will be sold in 2020 and be valid through 2021. If purchased in an “ODD” calendar year the permits will sell for half price ($15). Additional permit(s) for vehicles registered at the same address are sold for half price, i.e., $15 if purchased in the even-number year, or $7.50 if purchased in the odd=-number year.

2) For Visiting Non-Residents. Guests /Lessee permits cost $25 each and are valid for the calendar year in which they issued ONLY.

Commercial Permits

Commercial permits are available to any company doing business in Southold Town that also has a valid business license issued by Suffolk County. Commercial permits are valid for two years from the date of issue. Commercial permits cost $30 for the first vehicle and $15 for any additional vehicles owned by the same company. Businesses based in the Town of Southold may also open an account linked to their permit(s) that allows the permit holder to charge tip fees for disposal, as well as any purchases from the compost site. 


All vehicle permits must be purchased at the Town Clerk’s Office in Town Hall, 53095 Main Road, Southold. THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THE TRANSFER STATION.

NO PERMITS REQUIRED FOR RECYCLING: Permits - or payment of a single entry fee - are required only for the disposal of non-recyclable waste. Users with recyclables only do not need to show a permit or pay the single entry fee.

Single Entry Fees

Permits are not required to use the waste facilities. However, vehicles without permits are charged a single-entry fee based on vehicles size, for each trip. The single entry fee for all cars, and trucks with less than a one-ton hauling capacity, is $5 per trip. The fee for trucks with greater than one-ton capacity is currently $30.

Tip Fees Schedule

Note: All vehicles without permits are charged the applicable single-entry fee ($5 for residential cars and pickups, $30 for commercial vehicles). See the Town Clerk for permit information.

Incoming ItemsPrice
Construction and Demo (Includes Concrete)$0.07 per pound ($140 per ton)
Garbage (commercial only)$0.0575 per pound ($115 per ton)
Garbage (commercial only greater than 100 tons)$0.065 per pound ($105 per ton)
Rubbish$0.065 per pound ($130 per ton)
Grass$0.065 per pound ($130 per ton)
Tires$0.18 per pound ($360 per ton)
Brush and Land Clearing (clean)$0.035 per pound ($70 per ton)
Brush and Land Clearing (contaminated*)$0.07 per pound ($140 per ton)
Leaves$0.01 per pound ($20 per ton)
Major Appliances (white goods)Free
Refrigerant Items$25 per appliance
Propane Tanks$2.00 per tank

*Contaminated means loads with sand, dirt and/or garbage.

Outgoing Items (By Weight)Price
Screened Leaf MulchFirst 500 pounds are free*
Up to 2,000 pounds is $0.175 per pound ($35 per ton)
Chargeable loads over 2,000 pounds are $0.15 per pound ($30 per ton)
Double Ground Woodchips or Screen WoodchipsFirst 500 pounds are free
Up to 2,000 pounds is $0.175 per pound ($35 per ton)
Chargeable loads over 2,000 pounds are $0.15 per pound ($30 per ton)
Unscreened Shredded Brush$4 per cubic yard (5-yard minimum)

*Town Residents Only

Woodchips & Mulch Volume PricingPrice
Up to 99 yards$20 per cubic yard
100 to 999 yards$18 per cubic yard
1000 to  1499 yards$15 per cubic yard
1500 + yards$13 per cubic yard
Screened / Double Ground Woodchip Mulch$14 per cubic yard
Topsoil$20 per cubic yard