WaterWise Landscaping

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Healthy lawns Know the County’s law limiting fertilizer use as well as specific guidance on how to improve both the health of your lawn and best practices to promote conservation. Over-watering isn’t healthy!
12 Steps to an Organic Lawn This guide suggests that you should only water your lawn once a week!
Landscape for Life Learn how to develop your property as a truly sustainable site. Consider your soil, water use, plant types, materials, and designs for human well-being.
Waterwise Gardening Brochure (CCE) Cornell University Cooperative Extension’s guide on which plants to choose for a waterwise garden.
Creating a Rain GardenCreating a Rain Garden Learn how to design a simple rain garden’
Native Plants for Long Island Rain Gardens Identify which plants work best for local rain gardens.
Rain Gardens, A How-To Manual for Homeowners A comprehensive guide for designing rain gardens developed by the University of Wisconsin. 
Rain Garden App The University has developed a handy app for designing rain gardens.
Sustainable Gardening Search CCE’s fact sheets designed to help you plant sustainable gardens.
Long Island Native Plant Initiative Buy native plants culled from local seeds.
A Guide to the Native Plants, Natural Plant Communities and the Exotic and Invasive Species of East Hampton Town While developed for the Town of East Hampton, this is an excellent guide to the plant types found on the East End. Natives are adapted to our environment, needing less water.
Native Plants Database Learn about plants native to your area, especially those supporting birdlife.