The Planning Board provides both long-range planning and current planning services for the Town of Southold. They are supported by the Planning Department. Long-range planning services include updating and implementing the Town's Comprehensive Plan, as well as more focused planning studies. Current planning services include reviewing commercial and residential site plans, and subdivision applications, as well as providing input to the Town Board on new local laws.

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Map! - interactive to look up zoning, parcel size, search by sight or tax parcel#

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View Site Plans and Subdivision Plans online!

All the site plans and subdivision plans and related documents are available for viewing online.

From the Southold Town website home page, click on "Weblink" in the bottom left corner.
Next click on the folder "Planning" (or click here to be taken directly to the Planning folder).

If you have the tax map number, the easiest way is to search for it.

Click the "Search" tab
Click on the arrow next to "Customize Field" and choose "Field" in the drop-down list.
A section labeled "Field" should appear below with options for entering search data.
In the drop-down, choose “Tax Map Number”
Enter the tax map number
This is the number that looks like this: "1000-555.-66-77" (District-Section.-Block-Lot

To get results in our system, enter the Tax Map Number in the following format: *XXX.-XX-XX* (*Section.-Block-Lot*). Note that it is necessary to enter a period after the Section number. The stars or asterisks will help find numbers that are close to the one you are looking for if for some reason a tax map number has been changed.
An alternative way to search for the file is to click on the Planning folder
Click on Applications
Click on the type of application (either Site Plan, Standard Subdivision, Conservation Subdivision, or Lot Line (the other categories are rarely used or historic).

Pending applications will be under the "Pending" folder. Typically only the plans themselves are included in the Pending file. Once an application is approved, the entire file is then scanned into the system. Large projects may have the entire file scanned periodically.Then search for the tax map number and click on it.

Approved projects will have the stamped approved plan(s) shown on the first page(s).

Call the Planning office for help finding documents on our Laserfiche system.