Water Conservation Committee


Member Term Expires
Glynis Berry  March 31, 2019
Chris Wedge  March 31, 2021
Chris Pickerell  March 31, 2022
Councilman Bob Ghosio, Town Board Liaison  

Mission Statement

 The mission of the Town of Southold Water Conservation Committee is to advise the Town about how to protect, conserve, and restore our groundwater and freshwater resources, and the marine waters and estuaries surrounding Southold. Through data collection, research, and education, this committee promotes the sustainability of Southold’s water resources by:

  • Monitoring available data on water quality and quantity in the Town of Southold
  • Collecting best practices for sustainable water use and protection
  • Helping the Town create community outreach materials and demonstration sites to educate residents, businesses, landscapers, and agricultural groups about these best practices
  • Collaborating with conservation organizations for maximum effectiveness in public education
  • Working with Southold Town schools and camps to adopt water awareness education as part of their science curriculums
  • Suggesting action items regarding water conservation to the Town Board
 Water Conservation Committee