Highway Department

Mission Statement

The Highway Department provides maintenance and improvements to over 200 miles of Town roads. Some responsibilities of the Highway Department includes maintenance of town equipment, traffic lanes, installation of catch basins for drainage control, installation of Town and street signs, brush and leaf removal, street sweeping, resurfacing and sealing streets, snow removal and ice control. It is the Highway Department’s mission to be effective and efficient while managing the maintenance of the Town’s roadways systems. To provide safe and convenient movement of traffic as well as pedestrians. Accomplishing it at the most economical means available for Southold Town’s tax payers.

Highway Departments General Services

  • Construction, Repair and reconstruction of roads, bridges and culverts
  • Maintenance of road signs and Markings, as well as traffic paint
  • Maintenance of shoulders and roadside areas
  • Maintenance of department vehicles and equipment
  • Project planning and design new construction and maintenance of existing infrastructure


It is a violation to place any object or materials within the town-owned right-of-way. This area must be kept clear in the event that the Highway Department workers or the utility companies such as (Suffolk County Water, PSE&G, National Grid, or Cablevision) need to work on underground utilities.

The Southold Town Highway Department is not required to repair any damage done to private property that has been placed within the town-owned right-of-way such as: plantings, paving stones, driveway aprons, sprinklers, mailboxes, etc.

Below are pictures of the Highway crews removing snow after a major Winter storm. 

This Military Freightliner procured through the Office of General Services is tackling the three day blizzard “GRAYSON”

Highway Snow Plow - Blizzard Grayson
Highway Snow Plow - Storm Skylar